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Just thought I'd mention Tyr and Garm, the watchdog of Hel, killed each other at Ragnarök in the actual myths. ...I suck at editing so I didn't edit that tidbit into the actual article. Don't want to break the page.

Death Goddess Raiden (talk) 22:12, June 9, 2018 (UTC)

This page is misleading

Okay first: No, there is no indication that Baldur feels this way towards tyr. In fact, not a single dialogue of him mention tyr. Nor his usage of the temple indicate cordial relationship between them. For all we know, Odin could've teach Baldur. Tyr's temple is the last cooperation of the nine realms. Tyr could've teach EVERYONE to use it, not just Baldur. In fact, it would be stupid for Odin to let tyr build a door to his realm but not teaching his people the way to travel to other realms.

TL;DR: baldur using the temple doesn't hint to special relationship at all.

No indication that Baldur emulate tyr. the circumstances of Baldur's so-called merciful and diplomatic was because he's attempting to end his assignment as soon as possible (find a way to Jotunheim) and be free of his curse. Nothing more.

Elemental manipulation: Not stated anywhere, so why we add this?

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