But Kratos is still a god regardless, he is a demigod, yes but his "divine status" is still a full god just like Baldur. He never lost his divine status as a full god. He never claimed both HIMSELF and the boy mortal, he claimed Atreus is mortal and that's because his mother is a mortal, Kratos even tells Atreus that his mother was mortal when he confessed to Atreus that Kratos is a god, so I don't know why you're confusing him telling Atreus that he says the boy and himself as part mortal when it's obvious his mother was the mortal, not Kratos. Demigods are gods, yes, but they are not as strong as gods and Kratos is able to beat any demigod and beat Baldur--a full god, and matches him in power. I will however change the "Demigod (formerly)" and just take out the "formerly" and leave it as that, but Kratos is still a full god regardless. :)

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