"Possibly Produced by the Walt Disney Company"?

Citation is certainly needed, otherwise I wouldn't believe it for a moment.

Yeah, right

They are making movie about game that features almost non-stop action.... good luck...


Reported on July 10, 2012 by The Hollywood Reporter, two writers of the Pacific Rim film as well as four Saw films have been hired to adapt the film. They are Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

Non cannon

I sure hope this so called film is non canon to the game series, and that wiki users dont take it too seriously and throw it in on every page other than 'triva'. If they have to make a god of war movie, then I hope it's a least good. Honestly video game movies never turn out good and are pale. "Cough Uwe Boll" "Sorry I had something in my throat before I could say Uwe Boll."

I think the best way to go about a legit God of War movie is to do an animated film with the original voices. Some games have them, as long as its not an anime like Dead Space or Dante's Inferno. Should be the best way to do it right and release along side the new game.

From what I've heard the movie is going to include real people and be either an adaptation of the first game or be set when Kratos was a Spartan general. Going from past experience, video game movies are awful and there's no reason why this one won't be, but they seem to be taking their time with this as they've said recently that they're doing a load of plot changes to try and improve it for film release. I heard that they've got an experienced director to work with the film but looking into what he's done (I forgot his name) he's only directed a few bad Saw movies and an awful B film, all in all, it's not looking good. Shmeagle


They seem to be taking their infinate time on making this movie of the video game as it's been ongoing for five years now and I am growing ever so impatient on it's arrival at the cinema's as I suppose others will be too. Will it ever come to light??

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