Svartalfheim, also known to its natives as Niðavellir, is one of the Nine Realms of the World Tree and the home of the Dwarves and the Svartálfar.


Odin sealed the path to this realm in order to avoid any alliances between the Dwarves and the Vanir.

Svartalfheim itself hasn't been shown so far, but pieces of the realm's materials known as "Svartalfheim Steel" are scattered through various realms inside chests. These chests are very rare.



  • Mimir states that the Aesir can't tell the difference between the Dwarves and the Dark Elves of Alfheim, thus being the ones that named the Dwarf Realm "Svartalfheim", which means "Land of the Dark Elves". The name the Dwarves call their home realm, "Niðavellir", means "Dark Fields".
    • Another name for the Dwarf Realm in Norse Mythology was Myrkheim, which translates as "World of Darkness" or "Dark Abode".
  • The rune for Svartalfheim is Laguz (ᛚ), which translates to "water" or "lake".
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