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Surtr the Brave forged his sword of flame for one purpose alone- to burn down Asgard when Ragnarök comes at last.

–Mimir about Surtr's sword

Surtr's swoes.jpg

This sword is the mighty, flaming sword wielded by the Ruler of Muspelheim and the Progenitor of the Fire Giants, Surtr the Brave.


Surtr the brave forged his mighty flaming sword for one purpose alone: To burn down Asgard when Ragnarök begins. He continues to sharpen the fiery blade and trains with it in order to prepare himself for Ragnarök and never sleeps.

The Sword of Surtr remains in Muspelheim and when Kratos and Atreus arrives there, the Sword reaches out to Atreus to come train. Upon finally defeating the Valkyrie Gondul, the Sword, impressed, decides to give them harder challenges.

Powers and Abilities

Surtr's sword is quite possibly the most powerful weapon in the Nine Realms. It is so powerful that Mimir describes it as a weapon of legend and it is capable of destroying Asgard with a single tremendous blow upon Surtr falling to the grounds of Asgard after being defeated by Thor and Odin.

Surtr's sword is capable of telepathically calling out to others of supernatural senses, as shown with Atreus and it is able to create highly difficult challenges to train him and Kratos.