Kratos and Zeus battle on the Summit of Sacrifice.

The Summit of Sacrifice is a large, open mountain top. Upon it, there is an altar. The Summit was originally used by Rhea to offer her children for her husband Cronos to devour. It is also where she "faked" the sacrifice of baby Zeus by substituting him with a stone.

In God of War II, it is the place where the final duel between Kratos and Zeus takes place. Upon returning to the past, where he was killed by Zeus using the Blade of Olympus, Kratos manages to steal the sword which holds all of his godly power inside itself. Zeus then attacks him and taking Kratos with him, he flies into the sky where the latter tries to hold on to the King of the Gods. Zeus then drops Kratos on the Summit of Sacrifice and a duel starts between the duo, with Zeus taking on his massive form. In the end, Zeus proves to be stronger then Kratos by showering him with lightning, so the Ghost of Sparta tricks Zeus into letting his guard down by pretending to give up. However, as Zeus is about to deliver the final blow using the Blade of Olympus, Kratos repels it with the Golden Fleece, pins Zeus to some rocks using the Blades of Athena, and runs him through with the Blade of Olympus. Just then, Athena tries to intervene and save her father's life but dies in doing so, having been run through by Kratos. Zeus then flees to Mount Olympus to gather the Gods around for the great war that is to come. While Kratos returns to the time of the first great war and recruits the Titans to fight by his side.

Trivia Edit

The Summit of Sacrifice is a battle arena atop of Mount Olympus.