Stonebeard King is a Troll and a boss in God of War (2018).


The Stonebeard King is a notoriously powerful Frost Troll who sports the title of "King" because no one else could take that title from him, being so strong that he has never been defeated in battle.

God of War (2018)

When Kratos and his son use the dead stonemason's hammer to break the ice surrounding the Jötunn's corpse in order to retrieve a piece of his magic chisel buried deep below, the Frost Troll appeared in front of them and they battled to the death.

Despite the Frost Troll's undefeated status, the Stonebeard King tasted defeat for the first time at the hands of the foreign God and his child.

Powers and Abilities

As a Frost Troll that sports the undisputed title of "King", the Stonebeard is undoubtedly very powerful, never having tasted defeat in combat before.

Not only can he release potent freezing energy with each blow and shoot waves of freezing ice, but his strength allows him to swing his totem with enough force to tremble the very earth beneath him, creating surrounding ice shards that can explode to freeze anything nearby.



  • He is the second Frost Troll encountered in the game.
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