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The Steeds of Time. A gift from the great Titan, Cronos. His unsuccessful attempt to gain the favor of the Sisters of Fate and change the destiny which the Oracle foretold.


Long ago the great Titan Cronos gave the Sisters of Fate the Steeds of Time as a gift, hoping to change his fate. The Steeds of Time were used by the Sisters of Fate to pull the Island of Creation away from the edge of the Earth when the Earth became larger.

Upon reaching the island Kratos comes to the steeds, where he encounters and kills the Greek hero Theseus. After that, he traverses the Steeds; receives the power of Cronos' Rage; and, by using the Horse Keeper's Key, undoes the blinders, freeing the Steeds. Kratos then "whips" the Steeds into motion with his chained blades and uses them to connect the Island to the Temple for him to go across.



  • It is unknown how Cronos acquired the Steeds since Poseidon first created horses long after he was freed from his father's belly. Although it's possible that the Oracle could've shown him what the God of the Seas would create when he was born.
  • The Steeds make a cameo during the God of War III overture, however, they are seen pulling the Spire instead of the whole island.
  • There is an inconsistency in God of War II regarding the number of chains connected to the Steeds. There are parts where they are seen with one, two, or four chains.


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