Temple of lahkesis 13

Statue of Lahkesis.

A giant statue of Lahkesis, one of the Sisters of Fate, that stands within the Temple of Lahkesis, on the Island of Creation.

After Kratos enters the temple and claims the Amulet of the Fates, he is then able to get onto the statue's hands, which brings him up to the statue's face.

Lahkesis then speaks to Kratos via the statue. Telling him he will never reach their sacred temple, and will never be able to change is fate to undo the sins he has committed, Kratos then smashes the statue using the Blades of Athena and cries out "I am what the Gods have made me!". Smashing the statue's head and then destroying it completely by breaking it off opens a passageway to the Destiny's Atrium beyond the temple.

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