Several statues of the goddess Athena are found throughout the God of War series. When encountered by Kratos, Athena, speaking through the statue, usually provides information to Kratos.

In God of War Series

Chains of Olympus

A statue of Athena is found at the Temple of Helios. There, she speaks to Kratos about the fate of Helios and the other Gods.

God of War

A statue of Athena is found on Kratos' ship; one of them is found in the Temple of the Oracle; one is found at the top of Suicide Bluffs; and one is found at the entrance of the Desert of Lost Souls. Important information will be given to Kratos if he approaches one at pre-scripted points in the game.

Ghost of Sparta

On his way to Atlantis, Kratos and the statue of Athena, in which she had manifested herself, debated whether or not he should take this journey. After Kratos landed on the island of Crete, he came across an unfinished Temple of Athena. After proclaiming to Athena that the Gods had lied to him, he turned his back on the statue. Athena, however, responded and warned Kratos that many would prevent him from rescuing Deimos. Kratos then destroyed the statue out of anger. In a sunken Atlantis, Kratos encountered yet another statue, who once again attempted to persuade Kratos to abandon his quest. Kratos, however, discovers that Athena had aided Ares in kidnapping Deimos. An enraged Kratos then blames both himself and Athena for not being able to save Deimos. Kratos then orders Athena to return to Olympus, an order which she quickly follows.

God of War II

After being betrayed by Zeus and going to the Island of Creation, Kratos encounters another Statue of Athena inside the Garden of the Gods as she attempts to warn him that the Titans are not to be trusted. Kratos can then destroy the statue to receive some bonus Red Orbs.

God of War III

As Kratos chased Hermes throughout Olympus, they came across a giant bronze unfinished statue of Athena, where Hermes awaited for Kratos. In order to get to Hermes Kratos used a catapult to launch himself along with a boulder which destroyed the statue in the process.


  • Athena's Statue at Helios' Temple
  • Athena's Statue on Kratos' ship
  • In the Desert of Lost Souls
  • Athena's statue in Athena's temple
  • In the Garden of the Gods
  • Athena's statue in God of War III

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