3D rendering of the Statue of Apollo (without the lantern)

The Statue of Apollo is, at first view, a huge broken structure on the island of Delos, designed and created by the engineer Archimedes.

God of War: Ascension

A giant but decayed statue of Apollo stands in the center of Delos, and at first, the outside of the statue can be used to progress to other areas of the island, where notes written by Archimedes about the struggle to build such monumental structure, the pressure imposed by the Furies to finish the statue, and the progressing loss of his sanity can be found, some of the notes still inside the statue.

Kratos must rebuild the decayed statue using The Amulet of Uroborus. He is challenged by many monsters and must best the Trials of Archimedes in order for the statue to be complete and allow Kratos reach the lantern. Puzzles are also plentiful and the Eyes of Truth are obtained inside the lantern to help Kratos in his journey.


In the Walls of Troy multiplayer map, a statue of Apollo serves as the idol of the Trojans. The Trojans try to protect this while they use the catapult to target the Spartan's idol, the Trojan Horse.



  • The statue's size is probably even bigger than the mighty Colossus of Rhodes itself.
  • Unlike the Labyrinth in God of War III, is not known how much time the building of the statue took.
  • In the lantern of the statue, a portal is located. In the other side of the portal, the interior of the lantern is almost the same, but when the front doors are opened, a huge statue of Nyx can be seen where the original was. Judging by it, one can assume that the portal leads to another dimension, instead to another regular place.
  • Two different Apollo statues appear in Ascension, the main one in the campaign and the one in the Walls of Troy multiplayer map.

Trials of Archimedes

God Of War Ascension Trials Of Archimedes-1363550626

God Of War Ascension Trials Of Archimedes-1363550626

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