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Starkaðr is a Jötunn featured in God of War (2018).


Starkaðr was a Giant with eight arms whose might terrified even Thor, the Giant-slayer. Mimir believed that if the Giants ever organized an army, Starkaðr would be their general. As Odin's advisor, Mimir told Odin of his opinion, a decision he later regretted.

Odin sought to have Starkaðr killed and chose to slander Starkaðr's reputation, branding him though out the realms as a monster to be feared. This led the Vanir gods and the armies of Midgard to assist in taking down Starkaðr.

Starkaðr surrendered and hoped a trial would clear his name. However, Thor took the opportunity to attack the weakened Starkaðr, tearing his arms one by one until the mighty giant bled to death on the battlefield.


Despite being an extremely fearsome giant in term of brute force and martial abilities, not to mention the mere sight of him terrifies even Thor, he is peaceful in nature. This can be seen in his willingness to surrender and be placed on a trial, as he wishes to clear his name of all the slanders heaped on him.

Powers and Abilities

Starkaðr was an immensely powerful Giant, possibly surpassed only by Surtr and Ymir, the primordial Jötnar themselves and with only Jörmungandr coming close, to the point that aside from the two first and strongest giants, Starkaðr was considered the most powerful of the giants. His might was great enough to surpass even the mightiest of the Aesir, striking fear into even Odin and Thor themselves, hence forcing Odin to rally the forces of Asgard, Vanaheim, and Midgard at once, and even then Starkaðr proved to be a difficult challenge. Thor feared Starkaðr enough to not dare fight him alone.

  • Superhuman Strength: Deemed to be the strongest Jötnar, apart from Surtr and Ymir, and having eight hands, Starkaðr had tremendous levels of vast superhuman strength, to the point of being stronger than the likes of Thor and Odin, hence forcing the two mightiest Aesir Gods to call upon their forces and ally with the Vanir Gods and Midgard forces. Even then, Starkaðr was strong enough to pose a difficult challenge to the combined forces, apart from Surtr and Ymir, the only Giant coming close isJörmungandr (which likely due to Jörmungandr's Titan and Greek Gods heritage).
  • Superhuman Durability: Starkaðr had immense levels of superhuman durability, both to physical and magical attacks, to the point that it took the combined might of the Aesir and Vanir as well as Midgard forces to defeat him. Even then Starkaðr was still able to survive, forcing Thor to attack him with all his power to sever his arms to cause him to finally bleed to death.
  • Cryokinesis: As a Frost Giant, it is certain that Starkaðr had the ability to control ice.
  • Leadership Abilities: Starkaðr was acknowledged by Mimir and Odin to be an exceptional leader capable of effectively leading the Giants as a general. The idea of Starkaðr leading such a force against him was enough to make Odin fear him enough to went to great lengths by allying with not only Midgard forces but even the Vanir, the sworn enemy of the Aesir.
  • Master Combatant: Starkaðr was an immensely accomplished combatant, having been recognized as the most fearsome warrior of the Giants and enough so to potentially earn the subservience of every giant should they form an army. Even the mightiest warrior of Asgard, Thor, feared him and would not dare face him directly. Odin himself considered him as being enough of a threat to went as far as to rally the armies of Midgard and even his most hated enemies, the Vanir Gods alongside with his own forces, the Aesir to attack him and even then they were unable to subdue him without great difficulty.

Shrine Story

Atreus: ”Okay – what about the Giant with eight arms?”

Mimir: “Starkaðr the Mighty, he was called. If the Giants ever had anything so organized as an army, Starkaðr would have been their general – an opinion, in retrospect, I should have kept to myself. But no, as Odin’s advisor, I kept him advised... and having bent his will towards Starkaðr’s doom there was no dissuading him. But even Thor wasn’t stupid enough to take on Starkaðr on his own. No, instead the Aesir set forth slanders upon Starkaðr’s name, branding him throughout the realms as a monster to be feared. They said he abducted an Elf-queen, who killed herself rather than be ravished by the Giant (lies, of course – but you’re too young for her story). In the end, even the Vanir Gods and the armies of Midgard were roused to the cause. They surrounded Starkaðr, showing him with arrows until he was brought to his knees. He surrendered, hoping by trial he could clear his name. Thor took advantage and ripped off one of Starkaðr’s arms – which only made it easier to sever another, and another, until he was satisfied. Relieved of six arms and too much blood, Starkaðr perished upon the battlefield. (sighs) I regret it to this day, you know. I told myself there was nothing I could do. But I wished I tried.”


  • His Greek equivalents (in term of possessing multiple body parts) are the Hecatonchires, particularly Aegaeon.