Kratos, nearing the Spire for a second time

The Spire of Asclepius is where the sacred Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, resides and the destination of Kratos' first mission as general of the Spartan Army.


The Spire was a tall rocky mountain with an entrance halfway up, that lead to the inner cave where the Ambrosia was kept. Inside the cavern, a large body of water surrounded a highly fertile island, boasting many trees and other foliage. The tree that bore the fruit Ambrosia sat in the middle of the island.

The Spire's location was alluded to be in the Desert of Lost Souls, as many panels in the comics depicted a desert, with a large figure carrying a structure on its back in the haze of the sandy, distant background.


Kratos went to the Spire in search of the heal-all elixir to cure his daughter, Calliope, who had been infected with a skin disease at birth. At the same time, other warriors searched for the Ambrosia as well, resulting in a free-for-all battle. The conflict reached a boiling point when a battle between Kratos and an agent of Helios left the island a ravaged mess of ash and debris. In between Kratos' first visit, as a mortal, and his second, as the reigning god of war, the island turn out to be self-aware. Known as Gyges, one of three Hecatonchires, the entity had taken on a grudge against Kratos as the Spartans' battle with Cereyon burned off a hundred of his arms.Opening one of his many mouths, filled with ravenous teeth, in an attempt to swallow him whole but Kratos escaped Gyges' clutches and revealed his true intentions because the Ambrosia has healing abilities the disciples of Ares will use it to revive their fallen god. Therefore, Kratos seeks not to obtain the ambrosia but to destroy it Gyges begged Kratos for mercy as the ambrosia was what kept him immortal but his pleas were on deaf ears as Kratos used Apollo's Flame to destroy Gyges and all of the remaining ambrosia.


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