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06:50, March 3, 2019AchillesPSN.jpg (file)20 KBDipsonDP (Achilles' Armor in the PSN Store.)
01:34, March 2, 2019Alastair Duncan.jpg (file)23 KBDipsonDP (Photo of Alastair Duncan.)
01:58, February 21, 2019Cory Barlog.jpg (file)305 KBDipsonDP 
04:07, January 11, 2019Kratos with the Amulet.png (file)268 KBDipsonDP (Kratos holding the Amulet of the Fates.)
04:01, January 11, 2019Amulet of the Fates.png (file)95 KBDipsonDP (Amulet of the Fates.)
03:21, January 11, 2019Alrik's Father.png (file)554 KBDipsonDP (Alrik's father being cremated.)
03:09, January 11, 2019Aletheia's Charm.png (file)414 KBDipsonDP (Oracle Aletheia's Charm.)
05:58, May 24, 2018JörShrine.jpg (file)356 KBDipsonDP (Left panel of Jörmungandr's Shrine.)
03:06, May 18, 2018Angrboða.png (file)90 KBDipsonDP (Angrboða)
19:34, April 21, 2018Smallwikipedialogo.png (file)15 KBDipsonDP (Wikipedia's logo)
20:17, April 20, 2018HyperionArt.jpg (file)28 KBDipsonDP (Art for Hyperion in GOWIII.)
02:32, April 11, 2018GOWDragon.png (file)361 KBDipsonDP (Kratos and Atreus watching as a dragon approaches.)
03:56, March 24, 2018AphroditeKratos2.png (file)302 KBDipsonDP 
03:55, March 24, 2018AphroditeHandmaidens.png (file)388 KBDipsonDP 
03:52, March 24, 2018Handmaidens.png (file)177 KBDipsonDP 
03:49, March 24, 2018AphroditeKratos.png (file)417 KBDipsonDP 
03:49, March 24, 2018Aphrodite2.png (file)331 KBDipsonDP 
03:46, March 24, 2018Aphrodite1.png (file)198 KBDipsonDP 
03:44, March 24, 2018AphModel2.png (file)148 KBDipsonDP 
04:12, March 8, 2018Draugr Art 2.png (file)845 KBDipsonDP (Draugr Concept Art)
04:12, March 8, 2018Draugr Art.png (file)1.74 MBDipsonDP (Draugr Concept Art)
03:45, March 8, 2018Draugr.png (file)383 KBDipsonDP 
20:04, February 15, 2018Ajax.png (file)77 KBDipsonDP (Spartan soldier Ajax.)
12:56, January 11, 2018GOW2018.jpg (file)23 KBDipsonDP 

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