Emblazoned with the heads of three War Hounds, this triple pronged spear relishes the destruction of enemy crowds.

–In game description

Spear of Ares
The Spear of Ares is a weapon exclusive to warriors of Ares required Level 9 to unlock in Multiplayer.


A sweeping melee spear with good range and crowd control.

–In-game description

The spear has three pointy blades on its end, and as described above, three dog heads carved right below them.

The Spear of Ares is a weapon designed for medium and short range combat. The Grappling Hooks used by all warriors are attached to the rod in its special attacks for the spear to be tossed in front of the user, which focus on a single foe, or around him, which hits every nearby foe, and then pulled back when the attack is over. The result of this are medium ranged combos in which the spear spins at enemies multiple times, dealing repeated damage before delivering a final blow that knocks them away. Assault your enemies by fiercely slicing them with this quick and deadly weapon.


  • Rank 1 - n/a
  • Rank 2 - 10,000 XP
  • Rank 3 - 30,000 XP


  • Rank 1 - +8% Physical Power; +5% Elemental Power
  • Rank 2 - +9% Physical Power; +6% Elemental Power
  • Rank 3 - +10% Physical Power; +7% Elemental Power


  • Spear-Ares
    Retaliation of Eris
    - Boomerang based physical attack that locks opponents down and deals repeated damage. After level up: Chargeable. L1 + Square
  • Mongrel Ascension - Vertical boomerang attack that launches and then bounces enemies. After level up: Final slam can now burn enemies. L1 + Triangle

Godly War Spear of Ares

Godly Spear of Ares
Silver spear.


  • Rank 1 - +9% Physical Power; +8% Elemental Power
  • Rank 2 - +10% Physical Power; +9% Elemental Power
  • Rank 3 - +11% Physical Power; +10% Elemental Power


  • Rank 1 - n/a
  • Rank 2 - 35,000 XP
  • Rank 3 - 85,000 XP

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