When unlocking the platinum trophy in God of War III, a link to a website is given:

The original Ghost of Sparta site title screen.

In the upper right corner of the site a spartan shield and a meter were shown. When another quarter of the meter was filled, the site got updated with another sign.

On May 5, 2010, the site header said God of War 3 - Ghost of Sparta.


1. The first sign of the site was gentle rain and little thunder.

2. The second sign of the site was heavy rain, massive thunder and a chaotic lightning storm.

3. The third sign of the site showed the outline of a man looking into the water at his reflection.

4. The fourth sign simply opened the website. teenage mutant nibba turtles
GhostofSparta KratosChild

The final sign showed Kratos' younger self reflected in the water


  • If closely examining the reflection in the water, it can be easily determined Kratos is in fact looking down upon a younger reflection of himself, as the game promises to reveal more of his early years and family.
  • According to Joystiq, and now confirmed by the site itself, the Spartans Stand Tall website was created to announce God of War: Ghost of Sparta.
  • Clicking the Ghost of Sparta logo on top, redirects the webpage to the Playstation Blog announcement on Ghost of Sparta.
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