Spartan Rage is the new Rage Ability in God of War (2018). It can be upgraded using Horns of Blood Mead which are found in Nornir Chests throughout the game.


Spartan Rage is filled up by performing bare-handed attacks, R3 finishers while enemies are stunned as well as taking damage. It is activated by pressing the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously. It prevents Kratos from using the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos. Instead, it allows him to use devastating attacks with his fists. It grants him bonus damage, slight speed boosts, shifting the damage he takes to his Rage Bar instead of his Health Bar, and refilling his health for every bit of damage he delivers to his enemies. It drains over time and attacks deplete it faster. It can also be disabled by pressing the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously, although it will take a portion of the rage bar. To prevent players from spamming this move, the meter must be fully charged (if max rage was increased, the required amount stays the same, indicated by a split on the bar) before being able to be used.

The damage inflicted by all the moves while in rage is affected by the Strength attribute, as well as any perks associated with bare hand damage.

When Kratos uses the Spartan Rage, his fists appear to be on fire, his muscles and veins are much more prominent, and his eyes emit a yellowish glow.

While enraged, Kratos can deliver rapid flurries of blows and powerful haymaker punches that send enemies flying through the air. He can also deliver earth-shaking stomps and hammer punches that generate damaging shockwaves, and throw huge boulders that explode on impact.



  • Atreus can access this power, although due to the circumstances of Kratos hiding from him his heritage, the first time he used it caused him to fall into a coma.
  • Kratos can activate it instantaneously and for a much longer time if he is truly enraged, such as when Atreus was threatened by Baldur or the Dark Elf King. This is similar to when Deimos was killed by Thanatos and Kratos gained infinite Thera's Bane for the rest of their fight.

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