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[[Category:God of War III]]
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With them, summon cursed souls to attack your enemies


Soul Summon was a magic that originated from the Claws of Hades. It allowed Kratos to summon the souls of enemies that he killed during his quest, and used them as allies in order to kill enemies around him.


Available at Level 1

Cerberus Mongrel

Sends the Cerberus Mongrel after your foes, delivering a powerful swipe.

Olympus Sentry

Summons a trio of Olympus Sentries to attack nearby enemies with their swords.

Olympus Archer

Summons an Olympus Archer to provide cover fire with a stream of arrows.

Available at Level 3

Gorgon Serpent

Commands a Gorgon Serpent to attack and petrify nearby enemies.

Olympus Fiend

Sacrifices an Olympus Fiend to launch enemies around Kratos into the air.


Summons a Chimera to attack and breathe fire on nearby enemies with its lion face.

Available at Level 5

Cyclops Berserker

Calls upon a massive Cyclops Berserker to storm foes with a back handspring, then a powerful high-five with its fist.

Centaur General

Orders a Centaur General to charge a G-shaped line through your foes.

Siren Seductress

Summons a Siren Seductress to build up a powerful blast that hurts all your foes. Highly damaging and wide-range, but long startup lag.


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