Soul Devourers are a race of modified Soul Eaters that first appeared as mini-bosses in God of War (2018).

God of War (2018)

The Soul Devourers were apparently born of the Soul Eaters delivered by Andvari to his brother Mótsognir and Surtr respectively. The one slumbering in Konùnsgard was seemingly created with dark Dwarven magic, while the ones sent to Muspelheim were most likely enhanced by the Fire Giants.

Kratos and Atreus can go to Konùnsgard to complete a favor for Brok and Sindri and also to Muspelheim to complete the Trials, and in both occasions they will come across the Soul Devourers.

Powers and Abilities

Being modified Soul Eaters, who in turn are corrupted Ancients, the Soul Devourers are beings made entirely of rock, thus are impervious to all forms of physical damage.

Like their predecessors, the Soul Devourers are vulnerable when they attack since they expose their heart.

And while not stated, its also very likely that the Soul Devourers are called such because they too completely destroy the souls of those who they kill.



  • The Soul Devourer in Konúnsgard is the sole member of its kind in Midgard, the rest are found exclusively in Muspelheim.
  • While its heavily implied that the Soul Devourers are enhanced Soul Eaters, Atreus speculates that they can be created directly from Ancients.
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