Sol is the Goddess of the sun and sister to the moon God Mani. She and her brother are destined to die at the jaws of Sköll and Hati in the beginning of Ragnarök.

Norse Mythology

Sol or Sunna is the personification of the sun in Norse mythology.

In the God of War Series

God of War (2018)

Mimir mentioned that she and her brother, Mani, became mutinous and refused to move in the sky. Odin hurled Sköll and Hati using his powerful magic to force the sibling gods to move around the sky, lest the wolves would devour them whole.


Though she is never seen in the game, parts of her personality can be assumed. Mimir hints that Sol could be a very hotheaded, stubborn, and rebellious individual at least whenever it came to Odin.

Powers & Abilities

Being the Norse personification of the sun itself, Sol is extremely powerful and probably possesses abilities that reflect this. It's possible that her powers are similar to, or match that of the Greek god Helios.

  • Superhuman Strength: As a goddess Sol must have tremendous superhuman strength, however it's unknown if she's at the same level as Aesir Gods like Odin, Thor, Týr, and Baldur but it's certain that she's weaker than her chaser Sköll as the latter proved to pose enough threat for her to run for her life.
  • Pyrokinesis: As the personification of the sun itself, it's possible she's able to control or use the sun's fire and heat.
  • Photokinesis: Another aspect of her power, it's highly likely that she's able to control, manipulate, or use the sunlight.
  • Immortality: Typical of a god, she's immortal and have lived for millenia up until Sköll eventually able to reach and devour her in the beginning of Ragnarök.


  • Her Greek equivalent is Helios, both are personifications of the sun itself.
  • It can be assumed from Mimir's tale that Sol holds no loyalty to the Raven King, Odin.
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