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The Skorpian Armor in God of War: Ascension single-player campaign

The Skorpian Armor is an alternative costume featured in the single-player campaign in God of War: Ascension.


The armor features a helmet that covers almost all the face, with a little opening to allow vision, biceps, lower arm and leg plates. The whole armor color is black.

Each armor piece gives +1 Health and +4% Cooldown. It's also available as a multiplayer armor by completing the following tasks;

  • Helmet - Daedalus Revenge 1 (Spin the Labyrinth 3 times)
  • Chest - Treasure of the Gods (white chests)
  • Legs - Treasure of the Gods (white chest)


Cooldown Reduction at Rank 1, plus an additional +1 Health and +1% Cooldown Reduction at each additional rank, up to Rank 3.



  • Despite the name, there is no explicit relation with Skorpius in the armor.
  • This armor can be see in the beginning of the Ascension Multiplayer trailer.

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