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As we speak, Athens is on the verge of destruction. It is the will of Ares, my brother, that my great city falls.


The main square of Athens ablaze.

The Siege of Athens was the battle inside the city of Athens that was directly caused by Ares, the God of War. The attack on Athens was a result of Ares' hatred toward his sister, Athena, the patron goddess of Athens. Due to Zeus' order of noninterference between gods, Athena was unable to defend her city and thus granted Kratos his divine mission. During this siege, Kratos was busy making his way through Athens to get to the Temple of the Oracle, and ultimately the Desert of Lost Souls. During this trek, the horrible destruction that was being caused by Ares could be witnessed. The city lay in ruins, and entire armies of Athenians could be seen marching towards Ares. Huge barrages of arrows and firebolts were exchanged, and a few hundred soldiers were crushed beneath Ares' feet. Meanwhile, his minions do battle in areas of the city, and slaughtered any citizens in their way.

When Kratos returned to do battle with Ares, the long siege had ended, and the city was on the verge of destruction. However, despite the damage it had taken, the death of the God of War allowed it to live again.


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