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The Shrine of Boreas

Located somewhere in the Mounts of Aroania, this small shrine was constructed in honor to Boreas and houses a magical artifact of the God, the Horn of Boreas. Kratos finds this place during his search for Deimos in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

In the God of War Series

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Kratos comes across this shrine when journeying through the Mounts of Aroania. The front part of the Shrine consists of a small path ending in an ice wall. The horn is attached to this wall and blows waves of freezing wind through the path, preventing travelers from getting to it.

Behind the wall there is an open area with some frozen Hoplites and a closed gate (see the picture to the right).

The Horn of Boreas, found at the Shrine

Kratos uses the Arms of Sparta's shield to block the ice waves the Horn blows and walks in its direction without getting frozen. When he reaches the ice wall, he slams the shield on it, destroying it and making the Horn fall on the floor.

He picks the Horn, displaying the new magic earned and causing the frozen Hoplites to break free if Kratos didn't destroy them before getting the Horn. Three new Hoplites also appear to attack Kratos.

After killing all the enemies, the gate will open and Kratos will be able to continue the journey. A book is located behind the gate, giving more information about the Horn. After walking through a small rocky path, Kratos will find himself at the Canyons of Sorrow.