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A shade

Shades are the undead servants similar to Hoplites and Undead Legionnaires.


In mythology, "shade" was a euphemism for the souls of the dead. It was said in Greek myth that a shade appeared as a "reflection" of what the person was like in life.

In God of War: Chains of Olympus



In God of War: Chains of Olympus the Shades are the standard, undead minions of Morpheus' army. They often show up by emerging from the Black Fog of Morpheus. Kratos encounters many of them as he journeys through the city of Marathon, and around the outside parts of the Temple of Helios. They appear as specters that are covered in armor, and wield two glowing swords. Kratos can damage them by grabbing them and giving them a strong headbutt. After doing enough damage, he can kill them by throwing to the ground, and beheading them with his blades. Being a dark monster, they can easily be scorched and killed by the Efreet.

Shade Archer

Shade archers

Shade archers about to shoot Kratos

These are the ranged soldiers of Morpheus' army of darkness. They resemble the standard Shades, except that they wield bows that fire glowing arrows. They aid the other Shades by standing back and attacking Kratos from a distance by shooting at him with their arrows. Like the standard Shades, Kratos can defeat them by grabbing and throwing them to the ground, and ultimately decapitating them. As is the case with the standard Shades, Shade Archers are vulnerable to the Efreet.

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