Secret messages refer to two phone numbers able to be called upon doing certain tasks at the end of God of War. Both feature Kratos congratulating the player on their achievements.

Secret Message #1

This message is unlocked by beating the game on God Mode, and has Kratos revealing to the caller the ultimate fate of Ares, while stating that their accomplishment is truly praiseworthy.

Secret Message #2

In this message, Kratos again tries to congratulate the player, only this time, he is interrupted by David Jaffe, whom he promptly kills for being too annoying. Before David is killed, he screams, "We gotta make the sequel!" hinting the game's sequel, God of War II. Kratos says that, "He was worse than a screeching harpy!" The message is unlocked by smashing the two statues in Kratos' Throne Room.

In the European version, the message is in a cutscene, and not through use of a phone number.

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