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Scylla Brood

Scylla Brood are small, spider-like monsters who accompany the great sea beast Scylla.

They are weak, but attack Kratos in great numbers. Scylla Brood can attack by simply leaping and biting Kratos or by leaping onto him and repeatedly biting him until he manages to escape their grip by grabbing them and ripping them in a half, just like their brutal kill. Both attacks can be parried.

Kratos can combat these foes by using his blades to damage entire groups of them, or he can instantly finish them off by grabbing (Circle) and ripping them in half with his bare hands. He can also use the Hyperion Charge against them, and if he grabs one of them with it, he will stab one of his Blades on it, swing it around with the chains and toss it in front of him, which instantly kills the monster. Usually, killing them normally (without the brutal kill) or with the Hyperion Charge grants Kratos green orbs, and not only red ones.

Death scene: If Kratos runs out of health while a Scylla Brood bites him repeatedly, the beast will force him against the ground and finish him off by biting his face, killing him.


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