A Save Altar in God of War III.

A Save Altar is a beam of golden light that appears or shines at certain places all throughout the God of War series, except God of War: Ascension, which uses auto save. At these points, Kratos can step into the beam, and the player is allowed to save their progress in the game.


  • During most of the games, activating an altar, grants the option to save Kratos' progress. In the first God of War, Zeus grants Kratos said ability, whereas after his betrayal, in God of War II, Gaia does the same. God of War: Chains of Olympus has Kratos save his progress through a joint effort from the Gods. Interestingly, in the beginning of God of War II whilst battling the Colossus of Rhodes, Zeus still gives Kratos the chance to save even though he is against him, this was most likely an attempt to hide the fact he will betray him.
  • The Save Altars in God of War III do not give any messages when activated, instead skipping straight to the Game Save screen. Therefore, it is unknown who, if anyone, is giving Kratos the chance to save his progress.
    • It is possible that the Save Altars in the beginning of God of War III is given by Gaia until her betrayal. After that, the Save Altars are given to Kratos by Athena.
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