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Rocs tearing at Kratos.

Rocs are giant birds who hover in the air, slashing at their prey with awesome fury.


Rocs originate from Arabic and Persian mythology, they were said to be raptors of enormous size, large enough to carry a full-grown elephant in their talons.

God of War Comics

Before entering the cave where the ambrosia was, Kratos' men pointed out some large birds flying around  the peak of the hill where the ambrosia was held. Kratos' men said that those birds were Rocs, guarding the Ambrosia inside. In the battle between Kratos' Spartans and Alrik's Barbarians, Alrik had taken out the head of Danaus, a commander of animals. Alrik then used the head to command many Rocs to swoop down and slash the Spartans. As Kratos was being torn apart by several Rocs, Alrik stole the Ambrosia and flew off on one of the beasts. Kratos however, slew the Rocs which tortured him and flew off to Alrik on another Roc, while his Spartan brethren were being massacred by sinister arms sent by the God of the Underworld himself.

Kratos caught up to the Barbarian, leapt onto his Roc and battled for the Ambrosia, accidentally spilling some in their struggle. Kratos tackled the Barbarian off the Roc and fell to the ground. As Alrik awakened, using Ambrosia to heal himself, Kratos unleashed the head of Danaus, commanding more Rocs to attack Alrik, mortally wounding him. Kratos then rode on a Roc back to Sparta with the Ambrosia, successfully saving Calliope from sacrifice by cleansing her of her disease.