River of the Forgotten

The River of the Forgotten is a poisonous, volcanic-like river that runs through the Bog of the Forgotten.

Kratos had to cross the river as he made his way across the Island of Creation. Although lethal to Kratos, the water apparently seemed to harbour monsters that jumped out to fight Kratos. In order to cross the river, Kratos had to stand on a circular platform, and pull a handle to make it spin towards another one. This action had to be repeated over several platforms, before arriving at the other shore. While crossing, Kratos had to fend off several Fates Sentries. Also, if the handle were released, the platform would return to its original position, hinting the platforms were set in rails.


  • The River of the Forgotten is most likely based on the river Phlegethon since the similarities between the two rivers. It's also possible that this is the cursed river.

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