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The Rings of Pandora in God of War.

The Rings of Pandora were the several circular hallways that surrounded the lower levels of Pandora's Temple. The first ring was just a long circular corridor, with a passage that lead to the Temple of the Crystal Eye. By pulling the lever, the rings could rotate to reveal other passages that lead to the Challenge of Atlas and the Chamber of the Gods which required both Muse Keys to open the chamber. The second circle was another hallway, with a giant Spiked Roller that ran through it. The central ring was a pool of water that surrounded a giant Statue of Zeus. Within the water, there's a tunnel that lead to the Challenge of Hades. Also, there's a wooden ladder that could be found there that went up to a platform which contained a hallway that lead to the Challenge of Poseidon, which, the only way to reach it, was by jumping on the spiked roller and then jumping on the ladder. As Kratos continued completing the various temple challenges, he went deeper and deeper into the rings, until he final gained access to the inner most ring, drained the water, and aligned all the rings so that a beam could shoot straight through them all from the Temple of the Crystal Eye, which granted him passage to the upper levels of the temple.


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