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Rhodes Soldier

Rhodes Soldiers are the main defense force of the city of Rhodes, and the first enemies encountered in God of War II. Kratos fights dozens of them as he makes his way through the city during the Siege of Rhodes.

Individually, they are no match for Kratos' divine strength, so they attack by surrounding and overpowering him in sheer numbers. Kratos can kill them by grabbing them and repeatedly stabbing them in the gut, or slam their bodies in the ground which causes them to explode in dismemberment, without having to weaken them. They are armed with straightened, long xiphos swords and oval shaped shields decorated with the Sun and it's rays shining down, while bouncing off for their glory to Helios.

Rhodes Archer

Rhodes Archers are the ranged soldiers of the army of Rhodes. Kratos confronts these soldiers along with their swordsman brethren, during his bloody run through the city. The archers engage Kratos by holding their distance and shooting arrows at him. Though the arrows don't deal much damage, they can interrupt Kratos' combos, and leave him open for soldiers' attacks. Kratos can take them down in the same way he kills the Rhodes Soldiers. Their bows have curled ends and the handles are wrapped with red bandages.