Revenants are enemies that appear as dangerous foes in God of War (2018). They appear as shroud covered face, emaciated female humans with staffs, skulls and with hunchbacks resembling Blood Eagle. They have elemental powers like poison, frost, or fire. Instead of legs, they float in clouds of green smoke, and can teleport to avoid attacks.

Revenants are Witches who traded pieces of their soul to become more powerful in seiðr magic, eventually they lose every part of their humanity and become revenants.

They can perform both close and ranged attacks. Their close ranged attacks are swinging their staves in quick succession. However, their range attacks are more dangerous since they can launch homing attacks that can quickly inflict status ailments.

They are virtually invulnerable to damage when Kratos attacks with the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and Spartan Rage due to their incredible speed and agility. Commanding Atreus to attack them can slow them down or stun them. If they are stunned, Kratos can perform a stun grab, allowing him to make quick work of the revenants.

One of the Revenant boss is Gullveig.

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  • Revenant

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  • Kratos pummels and kills a Revenant.

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  • Revenants are equivalent to Sirens and Wraiths, as they are dangerous spectres and also teleport over small distances to invulnerable damage.