Relics are passive buffs given to a character on every mode when certain conditions are met. Each relic has special buff properties that are unique to whichever god one chooses. Each relic can be leveled up 2 times using skill points. Skill points are attained each time one levels up their character.

                                          Buff Attribute Legend

HP Health points
EP Elemental power
ER Elemental resist
PP Physical power
PR Physical  resist
CR Cooldown reduction

                                                  Ares Aligment

Relic  information
 Ares' Might  +30% PP on kill for 20 seconds. TotG : Requires 10 beast kills to active. (Rank 3)
Mastery  +35% PP on killstreak for 40 seconds +5% CR (Rank 3) 
 Brutality  +25% PP when grapple tethering. Duration: 15 seconds. (Rank 3)
Fortitude  On Parry: +25% PR for 10 seconds. +10 HP. (rank 3) 
Sacrifice  +40% PR on every death for 30 seconds. (Rank 3)
Triumph  +20% PR for 20 seconds on cheststreak. +5 HP for successful chest minigame. (Rank 3)
Harmony +40% PP for team on completion of level objectives or total domination. Duration : 40 seconds. (rank 3) 
Determination  Gain 20% EP and 20% PP per minute. Stacks up to 10 times. Resets on death. TotG: Stacks up to 2 times. (Rank 3)
Plenty  When you have magic. Gain  +15% PP. (Rank 3)


                                              Hades Alignment

 Relic information
Domination +35 HP on Brutal kill. TotG: Requires 5 brutal kills to beast to active. (Rank 3) 
Agility +8% CR, gain double jump and the ability to evade while in mid-air
Reincarnation +30% PP on death for 30 seconds
Misery +30% PP when health is less than 25 (Rank 3)
Harmony  +30 HP for team every chects. (Rank 3)
deceit  Stun state duration is 40% shorter. (Rank 3)
 fortune  On opening a chest, receive haste for 18 seconds. +10% ER on cheststreak for 20 seconds. (Rank 3)
 haste  Gain 35% increased speed for 15 seconds after magic use. (Rank 3)
 carnage  On kill or assist heal nearby allies and yourself by +16HP or +8HP respectively. TotG: requires 5 beast kills to heal. (Rank 3)


                                              zeus alignment

relic information
zeus ' might +30% EP on kill for 20 seconds. TotG: Requires 10 beast kills to active. (rank 3)
power +10% ER, +35% EP on killstreak for 40 seconds
asclepius  Gain +9 magic per second when health is less than 20 (Rank 3)
dark magic +40% ER and regain magic on death for 30 seconds. Release large explosive energy after dying. (Rank 3)
change  Low Change to gain +50 magic on spawn,chest, kill and magic use. TotG: reacquires 10 beast kills to active
prosperity +20% EP for 30 seconds on successful cheststreak. +50 magic on successful chest minigame. (Rank 3)
harmony  +50 magic for team every 3 chest. (Rank 3)
enlightenment When you have magic, gain +25% EP. (Rank 3)
diviniation Gain +30% increased PP for 15 seconds after magic use. (Rank 3)

                                            poseidon alignment

 relic  information
regeneration  +20 magic on all successful grapples and throw
 protection  +15 HP on parry, +10% CR on parry for 10 seconds. (Rank 3)
 loyalty  +10% ER for team
 frost  +35 PR on kill for 15 seconds. TotG: Requires 10 beast kills to active. (Rank 3)
aeolus  Able to double jump and air evade for 2 seconds. +20% PR after double jump. (Rank 3)
 sacrifice +50 magic on brutal kills, trap kills, and match start. TotG: Requires 5 brutal kills to beast or 1 beast kill in a trap to active
 harmony  +30% PR for 40 seconds. For team upon completing level ojectives or total domination. (Rank 3)
 resience Gain +1.5 HP per second at 30 health and 10% PR and 10% ER. (Rank 3)
excess  Health and magic recovered by fountains also affect your nearby teammates by 80% (Rank 3)
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