The The Prison of the Damned' is a chapter and a location in God of War: Ascension.


When the Hecatonchires Aegaeon broke his oath to Zeus, The Furies hunted down Aegaeon and turned him into a living prison where they placed anyone who dares break their oaths to the Gods that they made an oath with.


This area contains:


This is the first chapter of God of War: Ascension and begins immediately after Kratos breaks out of his cell.

In this chapter, Kratos pursues Megaera through Aegaeon's chest and right arm, meets the first enemies of the game and fights the first Infected Hand of Aegaeon. After killing the Infected Hand, Megaera taunts Kratos and he goes after her once again. The chapter ends with Kratos sliding on Aegaeon's right arm and falling into the Sewers, which is the next chapter.


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