In the time before the Titans. Before the Gods of Olympus, a great battle was wagged. The Warth of the Primordials, the very beings who forged the Earth, raged out of control for an eternity.


The Primordials are the first deities or beings that come into existence. They were astronomical in size and their appearances were elemental, similar to the Titans, albeit with a more human bodily shape. The battles among themselves shaped the world and universe as it is and also gave birth to The Furies.

Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, the Primordial deities are the first entites or beings born in existence. They form the very fabric of the universe and as such are immortal. The Primordials included Aether (Light), Ananke (Compulsion), Chaos (Void), Chronus (Time), Erebus (Darkness), Eros (Procreation), Gaia (Earth), Hemera (Day), Hydros (Primordial Waters), Nesoi (Islands), Nyx (Night), Ophion (Serpent), Ourea (Mountains), Phanes (Appearance), Pontus (Water), Tartarus (Hell), Thalassa (Sea), Thesis (Creation), and Uranus (Heaven). These deities are a group of gods from which all the other gods descend. They preceded the Titans, the descendents of Gaia and Uranus. They are also the children of Chaos the formless void who created the universe.

In the God of War Series

It's said that before the Titans and the Gods, a war broke out between the Primordials, the beings who forged the Earth. Their war was so massive it caused many natural disasters around the world, and from the rage and madness of their war, the Furies were born. The best known primordials are Gaia, Ouranos and Tartarus. Morpheus, Thanatos and the Sisters of Fate would also be considered to be primal deities.

Powers & Abilities

Since the Primordials are the first deities in existence and are the ones who forged the Earth and cosmos, they are without a doubt omnipotent.

  • Immortality - The Primordials are everlasting. They embody the eternity of nature and the universe. Gaia and Ouranus would be an exception, though it maybe death to them is just losing they're Titan-like embodiments, and existing only in the ether.
  • Invulnerability - The Primordials are impervious to mortal harm. Nothing of the Earth can harm them. Only another Primordial can harm one one of their own kind. They are beings of pure elements, not bound by the weakness of flesh and blood and bone.
  • Omnipotence - The Primordials possess astronomical cosmic and elemental power that not even the strongest of Titans or gods are seen to possess. Given the fact that they are older than the Sisters of Fate, not even Fate itself holds sway over the Primordials. They are also older, albeit slightly, than The Furies, though it is unkown (though unlikely) if the Furies could be of any challenge to the Primordials. Shades, beasts and mortals are nothing to the Primordials.
  • Superhuman Strength - Their size and mass contribute to their astronomical superhuman strength and durability, certainly superior to Titans, gods and any other creature less than a Primordial. This makes them the strongest beings in the God of War universe, perhaps stronger than even Kratos, the strongest being on Earth or in the Heavens. Their very footsteps can cause earthquakes that shatter the ground.
  • Superhuman Stamina - The Primordials are not subject to fatigue. They can rage war for an eternity without rest or relent.



  • The water Primordial seen is most likely Thalassa, as it is quite clear she's a female.
  • The fallen Primordial that forms the mountain ranges might be one of the Ourea.
  • The Primordial that bled into the sea and thus created the Furies should have been Ouranos, however, the blood came from a female Primordial and so it is unknown to who she was. It could have perhaps been changed because Cronos is suppose to kill his father Ouranos and this would have not fit in with the God of War mythos.
    • It is possible that the female Primordial was Keto as she was the mother of Charybdis and Charybdis emerged from the blood with the Furies. However, in Greek mythology Keto's blood did not create Charybdis and, in some myths, Charybdis was not born a monster.
  • Many people consider Orkos, the divine manifestation of the oath, to be a Primordial.
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