I am truly sorry for this, Kratos. I feel no animosity for you. At another time we could have battled together ... but for us to live on ... you must die!


Pothia hailed from Keros Island, and was the chosen champion of Artemis. She made her only appearance in the third comics issue.

In God of War ComicsEdit


She was the leader of a tribe of Kerosians, sent on a quest to achieve Ambrosia. All the pregnant village women were delivering stillborn babies, which had the healers suspect the women of her tribe were rendered infertile by the gods. Unable to bear offspring, it would mean the end of their tribe.

Facing KratosEdit

She was a tall, dark and mysterious woman with a scar, spanning across the nose, from cheek to cheek. She presented herself as an honest ruler and warrior, referencing her battle with Kratos as impersonal, justifying her actions for the betterment of her people. She also acknowledged having heard of Kratos before, and stated she was honored to come across him. Avoiding battle, she tried seducing Kratos as an alternative, but was cut clean in two by the Spartan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Her weapon of choice was a spear with a pointed tip, also producing a small dagger when in close range. She preferred strategic speed and agility as opposed to brute force, like Kratos or Alrik. She was also known to use seduction as a weapon at times, as evidenced during her battle with Kratos.

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