The Phantom of Chaos skin is based on one of the early concept designs for Kratos from the original God of War.

At first, the skin was received by pre-ordering God of War III from Gamestop, or by purchasing the Ultimate Trilogy Edition of God of War III. Later on, it was released for both the European and the North-American PSN on November 3rd, 2010.

In one issue of GameInformer, an article featured how characters change through development. It was stated that this was what Kratos was originally going to look like. In a Gamestop commercial, it was joked that the armor is made of a Chimera, as the boots are referring to the snake, the helmet is "fashioned," from a goat skull and the loincloth is lion hide.


In-game, the Phantom of Chaos costume displays some obvious differences from Kratos' standard appearance. Amongst other deviations, the skin has noticeably less muscle mass overall, has more of a darker gray skin tone and lacks Kratos' trademark tattoo. However, the abdominal scar Kratos received from Zeus impaling him with the Blade of Olympus remains.


  • Red Orbs are worth five times their normal value.
  • Trophies are disabled.

Other Additional Costumes

The other bonus costumes for God of War III are of the following:


God Of War III Funny Gamestop Pre-Order Trailer-2

God Of War III Funny Gamestop Pre-Order Trailer-2



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