Persian Warriors

Kratos battling the Persian Warriors at Attica


Throughout history, the Empire of Persia had massive armies; some of them including ancient creatures, with trained troops numbering in the thousands. These soldiers fought many enemies in antiquity, most famously the Greeks.

In God of War: Chains of Olympus

These are the standard troops of the Persian army that invades the city of Attica in the beginning of God of War: Chains of Olympus. They carry Dipylon shields and Khopeshes, a type of Egyptian sword, and attack Kratos with their speed and overwhelming numbers. Kratos can easily kill them instantly by partially disarming them, impaling them with his blades, and then gutting them. They are often accompanied by Persian Archers.

Persian Archers

Persian Archer

A Persian Archer ready to fire at Kratos.

These men are the ranged troops of the Persian army. Kratos fight them along with the Persian Warriors during his journey through the city of Attica. They keep their distance and assail Kratos by firing flaming arrows at him. Kratos can kill them the same way he kills Persian Warriors.

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