You must free the Pegasus, Kratos. It is your only passage to the Sisters of Fate.


Greek MythologyEdit

In Greek myth, the Pegasus is a creature that appears as a large winged horse. It was said to have appeared from the blood of Medusa after she was decapitated by Perseus, and in another myth it aided the hero Bellerephron in his quest to kill the Chimera. Pegasus is also the son of Poseidon.

Medusa was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple, which was the main reason why Athena herself turned her into a gorgon; the rape, in turn, impregnated Medusa, and she was carrying her fetus during her battle with Perseus. Thus, when the Greek hero decapitated Medusa, Pegasus, along with a giant, sword-wielding, golden warrior named Chrysaor sprang out from her body.

The Pegasus was usually depicted as a snow-white winged horse, but, in other accounts, it was told to be black as night.

In God of War IIEdit

The Pegasus ridden by Kratos to the Island of Creation in God of War II was gray and had flaming wings. After having healed Kratos in order for him to exact his revenge on Zeus, Gaia sent forth Pegasus, to aid Kratos in his journey to the Sisters of Fate, and prevent the Titans' downfall years and years before.

Gaia first directed Kratos to Typhon, to seek aid. Kratos rode Pegasus through the air, fighting Griffins, and the Raven. Upon arriving at Typhon's Lair, and entering his cavern, the Titan immediately trapped Pegasus under one of his massive hands, forcing Kratos into finding a way to free the winged horse. Unwilling to aid "an Olympian", Kratos fought his way past Typhon, gaining Typhon's Bane.

Having completed his mission, Kratos steered Pegasus clear from Typhon's Lair, only to encounter more Griffins, and ultimately, the Dark Rider, leader of the pack. During the battle, the Dark Rider had his Griffin tackle the Pegasus, plummeting the winged horse down to Earth. As Kratos quickly jumped aboard the Dark Griffin, Pegasus' ultimate fate was left uncertain.


  • It is unknown to how Pegasus was born; in mythology, he came from Medusa's neck when she was decapitated, but when Kratos killed her in the first God of War, the winged horse did not emerge.
    • As it is possible Ares had resurrected Medusa to aid him in his war, Pegasus likely sprang from Medusa after her first death at the hands of Perseus.