This temple was erected in honor of and at the command of the mighty Lord Zeus.' Only the bravest hero shall solve its puzzles and survive its dangers. Only one man will receive ultimate power. All others shall meet their doom.

–Pathos Verdes III to Kratos in God of War.

Pandora's temple 2

Pandora's Temple Concept Art God of War.

Pandora's Temple was a temple that Pathos Verdes III constructed to house Pandora's Box, the most powerful weapon a Mortal could wield.

Its construction was commanded by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The temple and its traps were made to prevent those who sought to use Pandora's Box against Zeus and Mount Olympus. The building of Pandora's Temple was the largest architectural undertaking of its time.

To build the project, they first set a base in the Desert of Lost Souls to oversee the project. People on flying horses or Griffins tied down the Titan, Cronos. They then built it on the back of the mighty Titan and chained it in place. To get to the temple, one had to cross the Desert of Lost Souls, resist the song of the Sirens, and kill all three of them.

The temple represented the growing madness of Pathos Verdes III as the first tasks were straightforward, but, later on, become more tasking and gruesome. Eventually, Pathos started to use the bodies of family members as part of the trials. Many heroes and soldiers attempted to breach Pandora's Temple, but none of them succeeded and died to the many traps and enemies in the temple. As Kratos attempted to reach the temple, many soldiers were still inside, battling its guardians. No one before had ever reached Pandora's Box, except for Kratos, who was the first and only person to do so. After 2,500 years, and having completed all of the challenges, its door finally opened to Kratos.

The temple appeared again in God of War III and was still on the wounded back of Cronos.



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