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The heavily armoured Pandora's Guardian

Pandora's Guardian, encountered in God of War, is a 20 foot tall, undead Minotaur wearing nearly impenetrable armor. Located in the segment of the Temple of Pandora dedicated to Hades, it protects the tomb of the Architect's son. Judging by the fact that a ballista is present in the Guardian's chamber, its presence was apparently to serve a final test to anyone who had made it that far through the temple in an attempt to claim Pandora's Box.

The beast does not like having anyone behind it, and jumps to the back of it's chamber if anyone makes the attempt. Only huge amounts of damage can wear the Minotaur down enough to do damage to it. After chipping away its armor and then firing the ballista at it, Kratos kills it by impaling it to a door. In its death throes, the beast's hoof smashes open part of a sealed door, allowing Kratos to proceed through.

Serving its purpose as a final test, Pandora's Guardian was most likely placed in the Temple of Pandora as reassurance that no mortal would ever reach the skull of the Architects' Son.

Powers and Abilities

Partly due to its enormous size, the Undead Minotaur has extraordinary strength. Using mostly smashing and swiping attacks with its huge guantlets, it can also grab and slam Kratos to the ground. Born in the depths of the Underworld, and servant to Hades, the Minotaur also engulfs Kratos in a wave of molten lava. The undead Minotaur also has a tremendous charge attack, in which he slams his body into the ledge Kratos is standing on, causing lava to spurt from below, showering the Spartan in volcanic downpour. However, this strategy is usually only used when Kratos had knocked away a section of his armor.

Once the Undead Minotaur has been stripped of his armor, he gains considerable speed, and gains a charging attack that can deal huge amounts of damage if not dodged.