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The Palace of the Fates

In God of War II, the Palace of the Fates is a large ornate palace upon the Island of Creation that sits beyond the Great Chasm.

Though upon arriving here and activating the lever, armored hogs will appear, summoning some Cyclops Berserkers. If Kratos is fast enough, he can defeat the hogs without them summoning even one Cyclops at all.

There are two statues at the front door of the palace. Their faces are not visible, but they are possibly representative of Zeus and Cronos, in commemoration of their past visits to the Fates.

Aside from being surrounded by forests, mists, and the sea, which harden its approach, Kratos fought his way through monsters, avoided dangerous traps, and sacrificed the blood of the two Palace Translators to reveal the way to the Temple of the Fates. Later, Kratos also descended into the bowels of the temple, where he awakened the Phoenix, fought and slayed the Last Spartan albeit on accident, and defeated the Kraken. From the palace, he went on to the Temple of the Fates.


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