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"Do not fear, Kratos. I am the Oracle of Athens, here to help you defeat Ares. Find my temple to the east, and I will show you how to murder a god." - The Oracle of Athens

Greek History

At the ancient Greek city of Delphi, there was a priestess known as the Pythia, who lived at the Delphic Oracle, a site where prophecies from the gods were received by mortals. Many people would consult her for various information, though her predictions were almost always vague about its true nature.

In God of War

In God of War, the city of Athens has their own Oracle. When Kratos saves her from falling to her death, she looks into his mind to see the man he truly is. With what she saw, she was horrified by the truth of who Kratos was and could not believe that Athena sent him to save the city. Nonetheless, she helps Kratos, telling him that he must obtain Pandora's Box if he is to defeat Ares. Upon returning to Athens from the Underworld, Kratos soon finds the temple destroyed and the Oracle badly wounded. In her dying breaths, she tells Kratos that Ares had taken the city. Kratos walks outside to face and defeat Ares.

Powers and Abilities

Being the Oracle of Athens, she had the power to look into a person's mind and see them for what they truly are or were. She contained wisdoms of sorts. She might've been granted her gift of sight and wisdom by her patron goddess Athena.


  • In the cinematic cutscenes the Oracle has red hair but in gameplay the Oracle has dark brown hair.