The Oracle Seeker is a minor character seen in God of War: Ascension.

In God of War: Ascension

The Oracle Seeker is encountered right before Kratos battles the Manticore in Delphi. He seems to be insane or have been driven mad by his search for the oracle of Delphi. Right before the Oracle Seeker dies, he trips and three apples fall out of his back satchel. He quickly gathers them and states that he intends to offer them to the oracle. He was quickly eliminated by the Manticore, as it took him into its jaws and beat him mercilessly against the ground before scorching him with fire breath and ultimately sent him plummeting from the mountains of Delphi. The oracle seeker's fate is unknown, but he is most likely deceased due to the viciousness of the Manticore's attacks and his subsequent fall.


  • It is unknown why the Oracle Seeker sought the oracle of Delphi.
    • It could be that he broke a bond with The Furies and sought the oracle to see how he could escape their punishment. If this man did break a bond with the Furies and survived the damage from the Manticore and the fall from its mouth, he most likely would be taken to the Prison of the Damned to suffer eternal torture. This is only an indication or educated guess.
  • Had the Oracle Seeker made it to the temple of Delphi he would have probably been sent away by Pollux and Castor as his gift were mere apples and would have been considered to be not enough.
    • He also could be slain by the twins or the slaves if he would refuse to leave on his own, since he did not appear to be a warrior.


  • Seeker's demise
  • In-game model: The Oracle Seeker (God of War: Ascension)
  • T-model: Oracle Seeker (God of War: Ascension)
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