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Olympus Sentry

The Olympus Sentries are the basic soldiers of the Gods of Olympus in their great war against the Titans. Zeus controls countless hordes of these foes, and sends them against Kratos in unrelenting waves. They appear as gaunt, skeletal beings, adorned in rusted armor, and armed with standard swords. Olympus Sentries aren't the strongest foes that Kratos encounters, but what they lack in strength, they more than make up for by assaulting Kratos in very large numbers.

At any time, Kratos can grab an Olympus Sentry and then press a certain button to perform one of the following kills:

  • Circle + Square: Kratos grabs the Sentry with his bare hands, and initiate a battering ram charge against any other surrounding enemies.
  • Circle + Triangle: Kratos rips the Sentry in half with his bare hands.
  • Circle + Circle: Kratos punches the Sentry in the face several times, and then procedes to rip it's head off.
  • Circle + X: Kratos grapples the Sentry, and then throws it against nerby foes.


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