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Olympus Guardian

Olympus Guardians are one of the many foes Kratos combats in God of War III. They appear as standard skeletal soldiers, adorned in simple armor. They are armed with standard spears, and carry a giant shield compossed of solid Onyx. They often appear in large numbers, and will use their spears and shields to attack Kratos via phalanx tactics.

Olympus Guardians are rather weak, but they cannot be harmed until after Kratos has shattered their onyx shields. The primary way to do this is by using the Nemean Cestus. Once their shields are completely shattered, Olympus Guardians appear and fight identicle to Olympus Sentries, and can be killed just as easily.

Later in the game, Kratos will encounter a similar, but stronger, foe known as Olympus Sentinels.

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