An Olympus Archer

Olympus Archers are the primary ranged forces of the army of Olympus.


They appear similar to Olympus Sentries, except they are female, less armored, and carry a bow rather than a sword. They take up positions at a distance, and attack Kratos with flaming arrows. One way that Kratos can defeat these foes is to evade their ranged attacks, and then unleash a fury of blows once he gets within range. They can also be fought from a distance by Kratos deflecting their shots using the Golden Fleece, or by using the Bow of Apollo to shoot flaming arrows. If Kratos can get close enough, another effective way of killing these foes is to grab them by pressing the O button, Kratos impales them with the blades and then ripping them in half.

They are one of the few souls Kratos can summon with the Claws of Hades. When summoned they fire arrows in the shape of skulls similar to the souls produced with the Soul Rip technique at any of Kratos' enemies. When there are no enemies in the area, they fire arrows in the direction Kratos is facing. Kratos can summon more than one at once if the player keeps on pressing the R2 button.


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