You think this garden is not protected? Your brute strength may have bested Hercules. But your simple mind will never find a way out. I look forward to watching you die here, as an old man.


Olympus' Garden is a marbled-wall garden maze that belonged to the goddess Hera, located in Olympus, right below the platforms of the Upper Gardens.

In God of War III

Olympus garden

Olympus' Garden.

On his way back to the Labyrinth, Kratos entered the garden where he found a drunken Hera laying on the grass, trying to revive her flowers to no avail. In despair she blamed Kratos for the murder of the gods and her beloved plants, then told him that his simple mind won't find a way out and looked forward in watching him die in the garden as an old man. Kratos grabbed the chalice Hera had thrown moments earlier and moved on.

In search of an exit, Kratos stepped on a pressure plate found in the middle of the garden, thus activated the Stone of Hyperion in both the chalice and the statue. This changed the view of perception which allowed him to see newly formed paths and stairs. Later on he was confronted by Hera, ignoring her taunts and insults, but not before she called Pandora a "whore", in anger Kratos grabbed the goddess and snapped her neck, killing her, which caused all plant life in the garden and all of Greece to wither and die. After reaching the end of the garden, Kratos broke the stone, thus deactivating the effects of the statue, and crossed the chasm to reach the entrance to the Labyrinth.


  • Aphrodite's Chamber can be found in the upper parts of the garden as well as Poseidon's Chamber.
  • If the condition is "having the sight of a god" it is unknown why Kratos has not simply used his godly powers in order to escape, but most likely it was decision of the developers in order to have a longer playtime, rather than using logic, since Zeus, consumed with fear, would not try to stop his son at least a greater danger (Such as having accessible the power of Pandora's Box) would be around.

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