Ogres are a species of burly, powerful, gorilla-looking giants seen in God of War. There are many variations, all of which are very powerful and usually present a significant danger in battle. If they are stunned, Kratos can mount it and use it to attack other enemies in the area. After damaging it enough, Kratos can kill it by cutting open their jaws with his axe.

Norse Mythology

In mythology, ogres are often depicted as inhumanly large and tall and having a disproportionately large head, abundant hair, unusually colored skin, a voracious appetite, and a strong body. Ogres are closely linked with giants and with human cannibals in mythology. In both folklore and fiction, giants are often given ogrish traits (such as the giants in "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Jack the Giant Killer", the Giant Despair in The Pilgrim's Progress, and the jötnar of Norse mythology); while ogres may be given giantish traits.

Biology and Appearance

All Ogres appear to be 10 -12 foot tall giants covered in sharp scales and long spikes protruding from their backs. They posses enormously long arms and have a set of razor like teeth in their mouths. In game, as higher level Ogres are encountered, they begin to look more violent and corrupt. Lower level Ogres will have the standard grey-ish skin. Mid level Ogres will have more whitish skin, and have blood red markings and splotches across their skin, and they also posses more sunken in eyes. The most powerful of the normal Ogres will have dark grey skin color and posses a much more vicious demanor, and will have large red marks (very much akin to blood) strewn across their bodies.

Powers and Abillities

Ogres are one of the most powerful standard enemies in God of War. They are capable of performing a number of devastating attacks. All standard Ogres attack by swinging their massive arms or charging at their enemies,as well as smashing the ground to perform shock-wave attacks; which can be done in succession. If smaller enemies are nearby an Ogre may grab them and throw them at Kratos. If an Ogre is stunned it can be grabbed onto and ridden around. Kratos can then use the enraged Ogre to smash into other enemies for a brief amount of time, causing massive damage. The more powerful of the standard Ogres can grab Kratos and smash him into the ground.

Types of Ogres

Ogre's come in a two different classes

  • Ogre: This Ogre type fights with their huge arms give their attacks good range. and they can hit the ground that creates powerful shock waves. Also if the enemies like Hel-Walkers and Draugrs accompany with Fierce Ogre, the beast usually grab their enemies at thrown to Kratos.
  • Fierce Ogre: This Fierce Ogre is similar to the regular ones, but they can cover a long distance with a single jump. These Fierce Ogres are appear elemental even more powerful than regular ones have the ability to grab a rock and throw at Kratos.


  • Ogres are equivalent to Cyclops from the previous games, as they also are large beasts that can be used to ride around and attack nearby enemies.


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