Greek MythologyEdit

In Greek myth, Nymphs were beautiful young maidens, who were also daughters of gods, and guardians of wilderness. One of the most famous types were the Nyads.

In God of War IIEdit

A Nymph is a small, non very frequent pesky enemy in God of War II.

It appears as a large bluish flying bug with four pairs of wings. It attacks Kratos by spitting a burst of green energy at him, or shooting a webbing which momentarily traps him, leaving him open to attacks.

Kratos can easily kill them by grabbing and throwing them to the ground, and then crushing their heads with his foot.

Hades NymphEdit


Hades Nymph

A second type of Nymph, Hades Nymphs appear as large reddish/orange dragonfly-like creatures. They can swoop at Kratos (sometimes in swarms), and attack by spitting small fireballs at him from a distance.

Kratos can grab them at any time, and rip their wings off with his hands. Then, he throws their flaming bodies to another enemy, causing an explosion which kills the Nymph and damages that enemy.

Some of the Hades Nymphs appear from nests, which need to be destroyed to avoid the creatures to continue respawning infinitely. These nests are encountered inside Atlas, and beyond the Ice Phoenix Room.